Option II

Takeover & Operation

With our send-in service we offer to operate the devices at favorable and best conditions

Procedure and Must-Knows


Fill out the form below with all the necessary information.

Check for availabilities

Datamint will check your request and availabilities in the data centers.


Datamint informs the customer and requests more detailed information.

Offer acceptance

The customer accepts the offer and sends more detailed information about the equipment.

Contract Signing

Customer reviews the contract details and signs the contract. Once done, Datamint signs back.

Sending in the devices

Datamint will provide necessary information and instructions for shipping of your devices.

Wait and see

As soon as the devices arrive at the site, the customer is informed and the devices are taken to the start.


Fill out the form down below and receive an offer within the next 48 hours from us.


By cooperating with Crypto Supply GmbH from Germany, we make it possible to directly purchase & operate miners for customers.

The average shipment time is around 4 weeks until installation. Please keep in mind that Datamint LLC is only responsible for the operating part of this cooperation. In order to receive updates about your shipment or else, please do not hesitate to contact Crypto Supply GmbH directly.