Large customer savings

Current Price Scalings

0,099 EUR / kWh

When operating 2+ devices.

0,095 EUR / kWh

When operating 5+ devices.

0,089 EUR / kWh

When operating 15+ devices.

0,079 EUR / kWh

When operating 30+ devices.

0,075 EUR / kWh

When operating 50+ devices.


No Setup Fee

We do not charge you any fee for installing or moving the miner into our location.

15€ Premium Package Monthly / Per Device

Our workers are there for you 24 hours / 7 days a week and will assist you in every case. Wether you need a config change, restart or a further insight.

Advance payment of the first month

For safety reasons, we require an advance payment of electricity costs for the first month.


Minimum Requirements

Power Consumption

Our facilities can only accept devices over 3 kW

Device amount

Minimum device quantity is restricted to 2.

Please note that the price may vary in an actual offer, please contact us for a quote.

Choose What Fits Best To You


Option I

Direct Purchase & Operation

With our partner we give you the option to purchase the miners there and let them directly ship to our facilities.

Option II

Takeover & Operation

With our send-in service we offer to operate the devices at favorable and best conditions.